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ACE co-creation labs: Discover. Collaborate. Innovate.


Advanced digital solutions are re-writing the playbook for how businesses operate, helping them unlock new value, open up new opportunities and solve critical challenges in ways never thought possible until now.

ACE Benefits

ACE Benefits

What does digitalization mean for the future of your business?

The ACE co-creation experience opens a window into that future, guiding you on an interactive journey of discovery, collaboration, and innovation. It lets you:

  • explore how industry-leading ABB digital solutions can transform your business 
  • identify digital solutions that unlock new value
  • test those solutions in real time and develop a roadmap for adoption

Join us at an ACE co-creation lab and innovate with an industry leader while gaining access to a worldwide network of subject matter experts. What’s next for your business? Experience it now, with ACE: the ABB Customer Experience.

ACE Experience

ACE Experience

What you’ll experience with ACE

  • Learn

    Learn about digitalization

    • Learn
    • Ideate
    • Prototype
How it works

How it works

Experience ACE anywhere

Each ACE engagement is tailored to your specific industry, priorities and challenges, and informed by our deep understanding of your business. ACE events are a dynamic integration of interactive tools, space, people and an immersive journey of digital transformation.

ACE Centers are located in Landenburg (Germany), Bangalore (India) and Houston (USA), but you can experience ACE anywhere. If you can’t travel to an ACE center, we’ll take ACE to your premises, an event, or any suitable location near you. You can even experience ACE remotely.

Business people exploring ABB Ability Customer Experience Center

Business people meeting at an ABB Ability Customer Experience Center


ABB Ability™ & ACE

ABB Ability™ and ACE

Explore digital solutions

ABB Ability™ creates innovative and powerful digital solutions and services for industry. An ACE engagement lets you explore, identify, and test these solutions in the context of your company’s unique challenges and goals.

Explore ABB Ability™ solutions through:

  • ABB Ability™ Solutions Catalog

    The ABB Ability™ Solutions Portfolio brings together all of ABB’s digital capabilities and services. Find the exact solution you need among the hundreds ABB has created to meet global business demands.

  • ABB Ability Marketplace™

    ABB Ability Marketplace™ is an online portal that provides access to cloud-based applications and reports, on-premise and downloadable applications, remote support services and more.

  • «…The co-creation workshop was very efficient and highly beneficial. Three weeks of work condensed into two hours…»

    Data science company in the energy industry

ABB Customer Experience Center



Frequently asked questions

ACE Events range from unplanned visits lasting 1 to 4 hours, up to 5-day co-creation sprints. We will determine together the optimal engagement format and duration, based on your needs and availability.

The output will depend on the engagement format and on the time invested. For the shortest formats, you will receive a summary of the concepts developed together, along with the relevant literature review, and a clear set of next steps if relevant. Longer formats lead to the development of solution prototypes that meet your challenges, as well as economic valuation of the expected impact on your business.

ABB will work along with your organization to bring forward the solutions identified together at the ACE event. ABB will partner with you to ensure the initiative’s success.

ABB wants to engage customers earlier in the process, in order to incorporate their needs and requirements in the solutions and products that we develop.

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