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While technology enables transformation, realizing true Digital Transformation (DX) requires fundamental changes to business processes, adopting new business models, and building a robust ecosystem of partners and sponsors at the highest level, which all foster a culture of collaboration and experimentation.

Advantages of DX

Advantages of DX

Unlocking value and creating opportunities

Digital Transformation (DX) isn’t a ‘thing’ – it’s the process of digitally expanding and evolving your business. DX happens when you connect technology with products to gather and analyze data, which in turn triggers actions that unlock value and opportunities that were never before possible. In fact, deep data insights can initiate actions that increase safety, reduce energy consumption, and ensure that the exact required performance is achieved by rightsizing operations.

Further, DX makes the operation of machines more economical and efficient. The analysis of data provides specific information on how processes can be optimized and which components and process steps should be redesigned.

Digital technologies have the intrinsic potential to be transformative when used in combination with disruptive business models. When undergoing DX, your business gains in capacity, productivity, flexibility and energy savings. Increasing automation can allow you to adapt your business processes quickly and affordably, deliver better market feedback for quicker response times, and open up new opportunities for partnerships.

DX can free your staff from backbreaking, dangerous, tiresome tasks while improving outcomes and boosting marketplace competitiveness and production. When you undergo DX, your business can not only operate more sustainably and efficiently, but your new connectivity will open up unimagined opportunities.

Traditional employment relationships are becoming rarer, and more and more connected robots are performing the tasks that are physically strenuous, dangerous or especially monotonous for people. By omitting these tasks, people can focus on value creation, innovations and quality management, thereby increasing productivity and making jobs more secure. The new working world will continue to require more knowledge and above all, more creativity, greater flexibility and conviction for change.

You’d better be, because the future is here. DX is making an impact on the workforce and changing the way certain jobs are being done today, and it will continue to change value chains and impact how companies respond to customer needs. These changes will not occur overnight, and to keep up, it’s time to actively shape the changes your business requires that are related to DX, and support your business transformation with innovative products and solutions.

An effective DX strategy requires planning, an ability to start small and scale, an ongoing focus on operational excellence, and an understanding of how capabilities across people, process and technology combine for new business models and opportunities. And, businesses must improve internal processes while also considering how they can positively contribute to the ecosystem as a whole.

Our DX team is comprised of internal consultants who partner with customers on co-innovation strategies. Our methodology begins with understanding your business challenges so we can design a solution tailored to your needs. We are industry thought leaders who understand how our products and technologies, when connected to other islands of information, can create new business value and business opportunities across many industries.

Areas of Opportunity

Areas of Opportunity

Opportunities for Digital Transformation

When we think about Digital Transformation, there are three main areas where we see the biggest potential.

  • Smart Mobility

    Smart Mobility

    • Smart Mobility
    • Changing Energy Ecosystems
    • A New Industrial Environment
Partnering With Us

Our DX Approach

Supporting your Digital Transformation

When partnering with us, you leverage our collection of capabilities. To support your digital transformation, we will:

  • Decades of experience

    Bring our digital business industry thought leadership to investigate how disruptive technologies and forces are driving transformation.

  • Deep domain expertise

    Leverage ABB's knowledge to develop a digital strategy for your business, its challenges, pain points, disruptions and opportunities.

  • Collaborative services

    Work together to identify business use-cases that rationalize your digital transformation investments.

  • Digital solutions

    Deliver your end-to-end digital solution to transform your business and integrate new capabilities.

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