Changing Energy Ecosystems

An entirely new utility landscape


There are multiple forces driving dramatic changes in all segments of the energy industry. Aging infrastructure, new regulations, distributed energy resources and the convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology (IT/OT) are just a few.

Energy Ecosystem

The Evolution of the Ecosystem

In the next 25 years the ecosystem is changing rapidly

The coming years will show breakthrough in technology advancements in the fields of Battery Storage, Carbon Capture Plants (CSS), Microgrids and Cloud Based Technologies will drive the evolution of an ecosystem to meet future energy challenges in the process and manufacturing industry.

Fundamental Change

Fundamental Change

Make energy sustainable, affordable and safe

Countries and municipalities are imposing regulatory restrictions on green gas emissions and renewable energy. Energy storage technologies are constantly improving and getting cheaper, and digital technologies are making all the energy systems safer, more reliable, and easier to operate and control. And most importantly increasing the efficiency and reducing losses.

On the other hand, manufacturers, large facility operators, transportation, and other industries are increasingly recognizing that all of these changes make it economically viable to develop local energy capabilities- whether they are local generation capacity only or also storage.

Smart Software

Smart Software

Smart software - an imperative for changing energy ecosystems

Changing energy ecosystems relies on smart hardware & software to deliver on its promise: make energy green, affordable, and safe. ABB Ability™ solutions make it possible through a set of tools that:

  • Centralize control

    Monitor and control all energy infrastructure elements individually and as a system.

  • Uncover potential issues

    Enable predictive maintenance with ABB's expertise for critical applications.

  • Maximize safety

    Ensure safety with solutions for scalable lifecycle management.

  • Optimize energy use

    Control energy use based on KPI’s that include both economic and environmental factors.

Our experience with these types of systems (not only at large power utility companies but also on the smallest microgrids and power installations at factories, buildings, and for transportation solutions) gives us the most comprehensive insights into your needs.

We use the data generated through decades of designing, building, monitoring, maintaining and operating these systems to make smarter and more efficient solutions.

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