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When you work with us, you tap into our digital expertise and a deep pool of operational data from decades of delivering intelligent devices and process systems.

Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach

Expertise + experience = customer value

ABB Ability™ creates digital solutions and leverages the expansive industry knowledge and profound technology leadership of ABB. See how our unmatched transformation experience in harnessing digital to reinvent processes, offerings, and business models can benefit you.

We know how to make your digital transformation experience a smooth and productive one. Going beyond simple connectivity, our approach integrates all of our services and domain expertise to turn raw data into analytical insights and direct action.

  • 100+countries served

    Global leadership in industrial process and automation knowledge based on #1 position in DCS and industrial automation

  • 110Kemployees

    In-depth operational knowledge and insights across 20 industries

  • 130year history

    Strong heritage in software, electrical and mechanical engineering and materials science

  • 1integrated digital approach

    More than 40 years of experience building software and connectivity into our devices, equipment and systems



Partnership enhances our expertise

We do better, together – solving challenges with combined knowledge and strategies. Our partnerships strengthen our offering and are instrumental in providing customers unmatched value.

  • Microsoft

    ABB and Microsoft empower digital transformation using Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud services to enable ABB’s industrial IOT and collaboration platform to offer scalable and reliable industrial solutions.

  • Huawei

    With its technology expertise and strong, public enterprise customer base, Huawei Cloud provides our customers in China with additional deployment options for ABB Ability™ solutions.

  • HPE

    Our global digital partnership with HPE combines ABB Ability™’s leading digital offerings with HPE’s secure edge compute and hybrid IT solutions, as well as, new service-based business models.

  • Dassault Systèmes

    With this partnership, ABB develops and provides customers with advanced digital twins, enabling ABB Ability™ solutions and your operations to run with improved efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

  • IBM

    IBM brings together deep customer and industry experience, leading solutions (asset and building management) and enabling digital technologies (AI, blockchain, analytics) with industrial strength security.

  • Ericsson

    With Ericsson we are driving the digital transformation of industries with 5G connectivity, accelerating a joint vision for the future of flexible production with advanced automation and wireless communication.

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