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Meeting Challenges

Meeting Challenges

Mitigating risk and the potential impact of a cyber-attack

Cybersecurity will always be a challenge on a global scale. Our team works with customers to create a defense-in-depth approach where multiple security layers detect and deter threats – if, where and when they might arise.

By partnering with us, you benefit not only from our huge, global domain expertise, but your grid automation system will also be regularly assessed and updated by our service team. This long term approach ensures sustained cybersecurity vigilance.

Our three step approach to cybersecurity helps you mitigate risk and the potential impact of a cyber attack.

  • Assess

    To begin, we carry out an assessment to help you understand how to improve security throughout your system. We then provide you with a set of recommended actions for improved cybersecurity.

  • Recommend

    We provide recommended actions based on the cybersecurity assessment and our expert domain expertise. Upon agreement, we implement the recommendations to your system, ensuring your system is more secure.

  • Partner

    Appointing us as your cybersecurity partner ensures you benefit from our global domain expertise, and your system will be regularly assessed by the cybersecurity care team for potential infringements.

  • «…Cybersecurity isn’t a single problem, with one solution. It’s an on-going battle, and we provide a range of products and services that can help protect your network, and the equipment connected to it from the evolving threats emanating from the world.…»

    -Frank Hohlbaum
    Cybersecurity Product Manager, ABB
ABB Cybersecurity

ABB Cybersecurity

Industrial-strength cybersecurity starts here

ABB Ability™ solutions: Protecting data with unsurpassed industrial-strength cybersecurity

By Bart de Wijs, Head of Cybersecurity, Digital ABB

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Layers of Protection

Layers of Protection

Six layers of protection

Connected automation systems make utilities and industry more efficient, more productive, and more economic, but they are also introducing new challenges. We understand the importance of cybersecurity and its role in advancing the security of substation automation systems and communication networks.

By investing in our technologies and solutions, you can be sure that the reliability and security of your systems have been given the highest priority.

  • Security assessment and monitoring

  • Perimeter protection

  • Security updates and hardening

  • Procedures and policies

  • Malware protection

  • Backup and recovery

Assessment and monitoring services for system software, system hardware and communication networks are fundamental in order to keep a system constantly secure. To oversee the cybersecurity status of your system, we collect system data for comparison against industry best practices and standards to detect weaknesses within your system’s defense. This pinpoints areas that require action to help protect your system by ensuring it has multiple layers of security.

Firewalls can protect the perimeter of a network and a well-designed security policy will separate the network into distinct, controlled zones, protected by internal firewalls to ensure that a compromised server doesn’t mean a compromised network.

It’s not just anti-virus software that needs updating. Modern operating systems and embedded software often need to be patched to defend against emerging threats. Efficient patch management is an essential part of any security policy but one that is often neglected.

Cybersecurity will always be a challenge on a global scale; no single solution can keep increasingly interconnected systems secure, so we work with customers to understand your processes and procedures, group security policies and computer settings to create a defense-in-depth approach where multiple security layers detect and deter threats – if, where and when they might arise.

Our substation automation systems can be equipped with industry-standard malware and intrusion protection solutions, like anti-virus protection and application whitelisting.

If the worst does happen, and a cyber attack or natural disaster strikes, then the security of an off-site back-up will make recovery that much easier. Our back-up solutions can ensure the integrity and availability of critical data no matter what happens to the original.

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