Customer Segments

The digital race takes ability. ABB Ability™.


Over four decades, we’ve amassed profound operational insights across all customer segments and technological expertise that spans multiple industries.

Digital Capabilities

Digital Capabilities

Our digital capabilities present an opportunity to change industries

With over 100 years of control technology innovation, in combination with deep domain expertise, ABB is in a unique position to offer you cutting edge solutions.

  • 70M

    70 million digitally-enabled devices

  • 70K

    70,000 digital control systems

  • 6K

    6,000 enterprise-level software solutions

  • 200+

    Hundreds of ABB Ability™ solutions

We have built an unmatched understanding of our customers’ businesses. That means we anticipate their unique needs and know the scientific, engineering and business reasons that underpin decisions. We incorporate this understanding into our solutions, solving specific challenges with greater efficacy.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to solving our customers problems, which brings seemingly disparate areas and experts together to develop forward-thinking, cutting-edge solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems. For example, an ABB Ability™ solution for the Wastewater treatment industry might also prove beneficial to the Mining segment. By breaking free of a siloed structure, our solutions can solve problems in ways that were never before possible.

  • «…We’re not in the buzzword business, we’re here to build real world solutions with ABB.…»

    -Matthias Roese
    Global Chief Technologist, HPE
Customer Segments

Customer Segments

See how we transform industries

As a global company and pioneering technology leader, ABB is positioned to help you transform your industry.

  • Automotive

    ABB Ability™ for Automotive

    • Automotive
    • Buildings
    • EV Charging
    • Manufacturing
    • Marine & Ports
    • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
    • Renewables
    • Water & Wastewater
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