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In today’s environment, maintaining an efficiently managed building is not enough. Intelligent solutions are more important than ever as they provide real time information to multiple stakeholders who need to take swift decisions to ensure security, safety and comfort of occupants as well as to protect the longevity of assets.

Working Smart

Working Smart

Get higher-level intelligence out of smart buildings

Building owners and operators need to optimize energy consumption and decrease costs. Building occupants benefit from comfort, safety and lower utility bills.

The concept of smart buildings often is limited to small-scale individual solutions such as setting the temperature from a remote device or turning off the lights automatically. While beneficial, they don’t begin to realize the potential benefits a fully integrated system can provide in terms of security, convenience, energy efficiency and cost savings.

Further, the rise of Smart Cities that are digitally connected by a collaborative operations center, allows businesses to do more than just purchase products. Partnerships that allow a seamless, digitally-connected city with integration between resources, can be transformative for customers and citizens alike.

Integrated systems

Integrated systems

Fully integrated building systems for safety, security and comfort

We begin by recognizing that buildings have unique characteristics and functions. Using an ABB Ability™ solution such as Building Space®, we can tailor a complete building automation solution by connecting hundreds or even thousands of devices to work in concert. Connecting buildings to smart grids can allow for even further control and opportunities for efficiencies such as:

  • Improved comfort, convenience, productivity and security for occupants

  • Reduced energy costs for heating, lighting and appliances

  • Improved building code compliance

Our intelligent building solutions provide the integrated systems required for the levels of comfort, efficiency, safety and flexibility expected of today’s smart buildings.

ABB for Buildings

ABB for Buildings and Smart Cities

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