ABB Ability™ for EV Charging


With exponential growth of electric vehicles (EV) and the development of electric cars with longer ranges, demand for fast charging stations is booming.

The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility

Enabling cleaner, more efficient transportation solutions

The rapid deployment of hundreds of dual-outlet stations in a short period of time is crucial for the EV consumer market in the United States to truly “take off” and become mainstream. This requires high standards for reliability of the power equipment, its operation, and the seamless connection of data into billing and fleet management systems.

  • «…The future of mobility is electric. And the technologies necessary for sustainable transport solutions are already available today.…»

    -Peter Voser
    Chairman, ABB
Connected Solutions

Connected Solutions

Supporting the next generation of long-range electric vehicles

ABB Ability™ connected EV-chargers enable fast global service and proactive maintenance. We have years of experience creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructures including large nationwide networks.

ABB Ability™ EV Charging solutions support a variety of needs such as:

  • Rich cloud platform

    Connect thousands of chargers to a rich cloud platform

  • Centralized control

    Monitor connectivity between the charger and B2C platform

  • Remote monitoring

    Remotely troubleshoot to maximize charger availability and reduce on-site visits

  • Advanced services

    Perform advanced service work such as commissioning, remote diagnostics and repair

Infrastructure providers have full flexibility to choose the most suitable operation and service model based on their specific needs by integrating with any B2C platform and/or in parallel using a combination of ABB web tools and APIs.

ABB for EV Charging

ABB for EV Charging

Learn more about how ABB is laying the foundation for a future of smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility.



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