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In order to identify and evaluate improvements and efficiencies, you must first measure and understand your building’s overall energy profile and requirements. Fortunately, today’s new technologies make that easier than ever.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Control energy usage via the cloud

Energy efficiency can’t be ignored in today’s manufacturing industries because energy is a significant raw material cost. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recommends making energy efficiency the highest priority to reduce carbon emissions at the lowest cost. Advanced production processes using automation can increase electrical demand in a building or factory.

Knowing your baseline energy consumption is an important starting point in energy management.

  • «…Proactive energy management can reduce energy costs by up to 30%…»

The Power of Digital

The Power of Digital

Solving industry needs through digitalization

The ability to turn data into productivity gains while lowering costs and emissions are clear benefits of the Internet of Things and digitalization.

Optimizing the electrical system can make a big difference to energy consumption in any building, particularly a factory. The latest technology makes it possible to gather data to analyze the performance of your system at multiple points. Using this information, you can improve maintenance and ensure energy is proactively managed to reduce costs as much as 30%.

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