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Food safety testing has been revolutionized over the past few years, as devices that were once inert tools in production processes now have the capacity to collect information, report it and, often take automated actions based on that information. This can result in a more reliable and safe manufacturing process based on redefined information processes.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Raise standards of safety, traceability and cleanliness

Digitalization has redefined how manufacturers can obtain greater reliability and quality in food safety.

Traditionally, the variability of circumstances and events between manufacturing safety checkpoints were too diverse and too extensive to count, and they often changed not just on a daily basis, but from one moment to the next. Manufacturers only know what they know when they know it, which means companies that know more, and do more with that knowledge, gain an advantage.

The Power of Digital

The Power of Digital

Realize improvement across your entire chain

Food safety and traceability are critical for your business. From individual products to enterprise control and manufacturing execution systems, digital solutions can help maintain continuous operation and prevent contamination in harsh and corrosive areas as well as potentially explosive environments.

Well-designed products with food safety in mind stand up to temperature extremes, harsh environments and frequent high-pressure washdown without dust or liquid ingress or lubricant contamination.

These may include:

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel encapsulated motors, bearings and gearing solutions

  • Products with hygienic designs and curved surfaces to prevent bacterial growth

  • Stainless steel instrumentation, conduit, and electrical fittings

  • Metal detectable products like cable ties that reduce contamination risks

  • Robots with stainless steel grippers that reduce human contact with open food for uncompromised hygiene

  • Precise machine and process line controls to help reduce waste and improve product quality

In addition, power loss ride-through technology can keep processes running during grid faults, protecting equipment and production. Building automation systems, variable speed drives and high efficiency motors can maintain factory ventilation at required environmental conditions (air temperatures, air flow requirements and humidity levels).

What’s more, these devices and systems can be digitally interconnected to realize tremendous improvement across your entire chain.

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