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Virtual commissioning


Your deadlines are approaching fast and your equipment needs reprogramming. But the factory floor is already engaged in another project and may not be done in time to meet your scheduling.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Solve your technical issues in advance, with simulation

You need a way to speed up commissioning, reduce risks and maintain productivity without impacting current production. Virtual commissioning is the answer.

  • Design and test without shutting down the factory floor

  • Set-up your physical factory floor faster

  • Reduce the risk of collisions on the floor

  • Better control quality and processes overall

The Power of Digital

The Power of Digital

Commission right the first time

Today’s virtual commissioning solutions are able to speed up commissioning by simulating an exact replica of your factory in the virtual realm, including automated motion over time, so that all technical issues can be solved in advance. You get to run the factory before you run the actual factory.

Virtual commissioning allows you to fully test prior to installing the physical line to:

  • Integrate all automation assets (robots, PLCs, motors, drives)
  • Adjust parameters for different simulations to optimize for the real world
  • Eliminate need for reprogramming - testing and actual software are identical
  • Reduce need for real-life adjustments during installation
  • 20%

    Reduced engineering time

  • 25%

    Reduced capital outlay

  • 50%

    Reduced training costs

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