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To produce more, pulp and paper processes need to run reliably every single day. From pulp processing to paper, board and tissue machines, using low-voltage drives and motors can yield more reliable operations, better energy efficiency and improved process performance.


Key Challenges

Key Challenges

High-tech automation for the digital paper mill

Running a pulp or paper mill is a complex enterprise which requires many independent processes and a collaborative chain of events that must operate without any incidents. Additionally, the physical control room set-up has changed significantly with a number of processes often running through different control rooms in different locations throughout the mill area.

To meet these demanding conditions, owners try to stretch the lifecycle of a paper mill as much as possible through automation and hope to realize maximum output from every piece of equipment.

The only way to increase productivity is to work smarter – and that means working together. We offer a comprehensive portfolio for optimal paper production and provide solutions to keep costs down and productivity high. Our state-of-the-art products for measuring deviations during the process help secure quality, and our expertise leads the industry to the next level.

  • «…It’s estimated that digitalization could save the pulp and paper industry $20 billion by 2025, raising productivity, reducing waste, and keeping mills safe…»

Pulp & Paper Needs

Pulp & Paper Needs

Quality throughout the entire process

  • Energy Resource Management

    Energy Resource Management

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    • Energy Resource Management
    • Mill Optimization
    • Papermaking
    • Pulping
ABB for Pulp & Paper

pulp and paper mill of the future

ABB for Pulp & Paper

Increase pulp mill efficiency with integrated, digitalized automation solutions.

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