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The ABB Ability Marketplace™ gives you access to over 100 digital applications that will unlock value and transform the way you do business.



Your one-stop portal for ABB Ability™ solutions and services

The ABB Ability Marketplace™ lets you access the ecosystem of ABB Ability™ digital solutions and services in one place, with just a few clicks. Now you can browse applications by industry or functionality to find solutions that improve productivity and uptime, decrease maintenance and energy costs, and much more.

Move to a value-driven OpEx business model, unlock new features to increase your hardware ROI, and add features and services as your needs evolve.

Getting started

Getting started

Getting started with the ABB Ability Marketplace™ is easy

  • 1. Sign up

  • 2. Register and test applications for free

  • 3. Choose your pricing model: one-time purchase, subscription-based or usage-based

  • 4. Start using your applications!

Customer value

Customer value

Unlock real business value on the Marketplace with ABB Ability™ solutions

Lower operational costs

ABB solutions increase energy efficiency with real-time asset monitoring.

Lower acquisition cost

ABB solutions deliver embedded intelligence in one single device.

Cloud-connected analytics and insights

ABB’s plug-and-play solutions let you monitor and analyze data remotely, improving efficiency.

Subscription pricing

With subscription-based pricing, you can buy what you need now and add or remove digital products and services as your needs evolve, letting you saving on operating costs.

Guaranteed best-in-class performance

ABB solutions are built with secure, reliable and scalable technologies.

Case studies

Case studies

Writing the future of digitalization

See how industries around the globe are using ABB Ability™ digital solutions to unlock value and accelerate their digital transformation.

Energy company reduces maintenance costs and increases cyber security

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Cement producer increases production and saves energy

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Copper mine optimizes assets with remote condition monitoring

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ABB Ability Marketplace™ is the online store for ABB’s digital solutions, offering customers full flexibility to purchase and tailor their solutions portfolio to address their challenges.

The ABB Ability Marketplace™ makes it possible to purchase, extend and cancel licenses for cloud, on-premise and device applications and functionalities, including the possibility of configuring add-on-features such as analytics, remote power metering and advanced cloud API interfaces. The ABB Ability Marketplace™ offers flexible pricing options and subscription models such as one-time, subscription-based and usage-based pricing. Additionally, the ABB Ability Marketplace™ offers free trials, product insights and documentation to enable self-education and support decision-making for all stakeholders.

Today, the ABB Ability Marketplace™ is available for all OECD countries. For US customers, the portfolio may vary slightly. We are working hard to expand our geography and bring our solutions to more countries on a continuous basis.

The ABB Ability Marketplace™ currently offers 23 ABB Ability™ applications in 34 countries. Two examples are Renewable Insights and our ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS). We are working on expanding our portfolio and our goal is to make the entire ABB Ability™ portfolio available and accessible across the majority of our marketplaces and geographies.

The ABB Ability Marketplace™ like the ABB Ability™ platform offers value-based solutions to a diverse set of industries including utilities, industries, and transport. Our goal is to make these solutions more accessible and available to more customers, geographies and industries to help address industry needs and achieve business and operational goals.

On the ABB Ability Marketplace™ every user belongs to one or more companies. Typically, this is the employer who is responsible for that user such as the contractual partner in terms of purchase. However, it is also possible for a company employee to be part of multiple companies and to purchase on behalf of multiple subsidiaries of the same company. Upon creating an account with a new company, the first user is given the role of ‘Company Administrator’, which allows that user to invite company members to the ABB Ability Marketplace™ and to assign roles which allow the administration of users and purchases.

The ABB Ability Marketplace™ accepts VISA, Mastercard and AMEX payments. Paypal account payments are currently not supported.

Payments by invoice are possible for customers that are validated for purchase by ABB, and credit limits are approved.

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