Connecting in meaningful ways takes ability


Our ability to connect with each other has never been greater. Together we create more value.

Combined Capabilities

Combined Capabilities

Informing innovative solution-building

What makes digital partnerships so exciting for us, and so rewarding for you, is the access that it offers. When we align with partners like Microsoft, Huawei, HPE, Dassault Systèmes or IBM, our combined expertise and technology capabilities enable leading edge IoT solutions.

Together, we can develop solutions more quickly, increase end-to-end automation, offer better connectivity and increase value for our customers. In fact, our newest solutions can run on-premise and in the cloud, and are also interconnected via the intercloud to other systems our customers already have in place.

While we have incredible solutions with strong ROI potential (30% savings on energy, 30% extension of lifetime on motors, reduced failure rates of product and technologies), these partnerships help us develop smarter systems that enable our customers to get more productivity and more benefits.

  • «…ABB’s digital partner strategy focuses on key partners that enable ABB to create and deliver leading edge IoT solutions for our customers. We continuously are looking at future technologies to support our businesses’ needs and rounding out ABB Ability™ solutions…»

    -Eva Schoenleitner
    ABB Head of Digital Partnerships
Global Partners

Global Partners

Our ABB Ability™ partnerships

Our partnerships strengthen our solutions offering and are a critical element for providing you unmatched value. ABB continues to look for partnership opportunities with technology partners and system integrators.

  • Microsoft

    Powering the ABB Ability™ platform with cloud based solutions

  • Huawei

    Growing our cloud-based industrial digital solutions for the Chinese market

  • HPE

    Bringing intelligence to industrial plants and enabling hybrid cloud

  • Dassault Systèmes

    Providing advanced digital twin solutions to optimize the value chain

  • IBM

    Growing our industrial offerings with market leading solutions

  • Ericsson

    Driving digital transformation of industries with 5G connectivity

Digital Partner Ecosystem

Digital partner ecosystem

Our growing ecosystem of partners aligns with ABB’s digital strategies to bring value to our customers. As the needs of our customers grow, so will the ABB ecosystem of digital partners. We are looking to partner with leading technology, consulting (development), interoperability and connectivity companies to solve our customer’s biggest challenges.



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