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ABB Ability™ solutions combine ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation to empower real-time, data-driven decisions for safer, smarter operations that maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a low-carbon future.

With ABB Ability™ we connect our customers to the power of the industrial Internet of Things and the intelligence it affords, enabling organizations to know more about the state of their operations. Because when we know more, we can do better. When we apply deep industry know-how and technology together to tackle our toughest challenges, we can go further.



Smarter, better decision-making. Everywhere.

ABB Ability™ combines connectivity, software and machine intelligence and our long track record in engineering and materials-science innovation. We allow customers not just to manage individual assets but to optimize entire organizations, value chains, and cities with system-level insights. And that’s where the big payoffs happen. With greater visibility across operations, our customers can minimize downtime, inefficiency and waste.

The operating improvements we empower for our customers hinge on data orchestration, visualization, simulation, automation, remote monitoring and analytics that mean our customers can sense, analyze and respond to events and opportunities faster and more seamlessly. ABB Ability™ technologies enable our customers to analyze their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, and boost their productivity and agility—in factories and fleets and facilities, in plants and panels and ports.

ABB Ability™ solutions connect information from device to edge to cloud, so our customers can control and optimize their operations with an approach that’s right for their specific environment. With a holistic architectural approach, our solutions help minimize complexity and scale end-to-end cybersecurity.

ABB Ability™ solutions allow commercial and industrial organizations to change faster and improve continuously, and that’s just what the world needs right now. From the pioneer in electrification, robotics, automation and motion, ABB Ability™ innovations empower our customers to preserve resources and usher in a low-carbon society, today and for future generations.

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