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Learn how we harness the power of digital to drive progress with our customers every day.

Customer Value

Customer Value

Generating value through solutions takes ability. ABB Ability™.

ABB Ability™ connects our customers to the power of the Industrial Internet of Things and through our products and services. We go further with our expertise to turn data insights into direct action that generates customer value in the physical world.

Each of our four solution levels (Assess, Automate, Optimize and Collaborate) represent the progressive stages of Digital Transformation. Within each level are various solution types that focus on the specific outcomes you might want to achieve for your business.

Know More

Utilize your industrial data through sensors, devices and software to know more about your business in real-time.

Do More

Monitor, control and manage your devices, processes and operations on-site or remotely.

Do Better

Simulate, predict and optimize through tools, insights and analysis.


Work hand-in-hand with our experts and engineers anywhere around the globe for business transformation.

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How do ABB Ability™ solutions enable Digital Transformation?

Interconnecting things, services and people via the Internet improves data analysis, boosts productivity, enhances reliability, saves energy and costs, generates new revenue opportunities through innovative business models.

For over a decade, we have been working to develop and enhance process control systems, communications solutions, sensors, and software for the IoTSP. These technologies enable our customers to analyze their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, and boost their productivity and flexibility.

We are advancing the IoTSP by helping our customers develop their existing technologies, while keeping sight of our enduring commitment to safety, reliability, cyber security and data privacy.

  • «…Building our solutions on the Azure® platform means we can take advantage of all of its capabilities and add value with our domain-specific offering. In effect, we are turning ABB’s decades of industrial domain expertise into software offerings that our customers can access through the world’s largest and most advanced digital platform.…»

    -Guido Jouret
    Chief Digital Officer, ABB
Solutions Benefits

Solutions Benefits

Learn more about our solutions benefits

Benefits of ABB Ability™ solutions

Learn more about our solutions benefits.

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